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Walking in Circles

Philip Lee woolf featuring Dominic Edmunds & Neal Williams

Your Stories 

Send me your stories and comments so that together we can change the world (of chickens)

These videos are from Baltiangel (Lexi), "they feature the ex bats and also have cameo roles of the others in the garden, originally we had three, Flopsy Mopsy and Cotton Tail, but Cotton Tail died in the summer of EYP and masses , as was in the pm video.....

But the three can be seen in all thier glory in these vids. Hope you like them."

The first one is the ~Henrise to Chickenford epic, the second two are ex bat diaries, the last one being day one and the middle one being days 4 to 11 I think(!)

This is a video of Sage, Onion, Kiev & Nuggett on their first anniversary of their rescue with their new owner "Doormouse"

This is what Doormouse says

"We originally decided to rescue ex-battery chickens for 5 reasons: 1. we had a growing interest and awareness of animal welfare and in generally being more 'green' and 'eco'; 2. I am a keen cook and we grew our own on an allotment - our own eggs seemed a natural progression; 3. I have always had cats and do not underestimate the commitment needed to care for animals; 4. I am a London City girl - keeping hens became fashionable! 5. we thought it would be a fun (and, to be honest, slightly eccentric!) thing to do!

We did not anticipate the following reasons why we would not be without some some ex-battery chickens ever again: 1. they are fun!; 2. they have amazing courage and are an inspiration of trust, forgiveness and the ability to adapt and live by your instincts; 3. they are very very clever (bordering on crafty!); 4. they are the ultimate stressbusters!"


And this video is of Doormouses second rescue

Nut House Hen Rescue & Rehoming is the trading name for Northern Ireland Battery Hen Rescue, Company Number NI611869 & Registered in Northern Ireland. Registered address is The Nut House, 16 Nut Hill Road, Moira, BT67 0PH. Northern Ireland Battery Hen Rescue is a non profit organisation registered as a charity with HMRC, registration number XT34198